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By staying at the campsite 4 stars Landes Océanes, you will take advantage of the big fine sand beach of Moliets, very well fitted out with its parking lot, its businesses and its restaurants. The access to the beach, to the Atlantic Ocean, is fast even at the height of the season, 10 minutes by car since the campsite only. So you will appreciate the enjoyments of the sea and the peace of mind of the campsite in your return.

Municipality localised halfway between Bayonne and Arcachon or Mimizan and Capbreton.

Some places and monuments also decorate this municipality, in particular the church Notre-Dame of Moliets, the church Saint-Fabine-Saint-Sébastien-et-Saint-Laurent, the pond of Moliets and the vineyard of sands of the ocean.

On the main beach, the show of the mouth of the Huchet’s current evolving in every tide will amaze you.

What to see, what to do in Moliets

Village of the Landes in the preserved natural environment, Moliets-et-Maâ borders the Atlantic coast between lakes and pine forests. The Nature Reserve Courant d’Huchet, nicknamed “The Landes Amazon”, is an exceptional environment. Typical Landes village, Moliets-et-Maâ is a festive village surrounded by many hiking trails and bike paths to discover the surrounding area including the lakes of Moliets and Laprade. The chapel of Saint-Laurent, of the 12th century, is an old halt on the ways of Compostelle to discover in the locality of Maâ. Two beaches are waiting for you in Moliets, watched over in summer: the Chenes cork beach and the central beach, on the mouth of the current of Huchet: one practices many sliding sports, as the bathing and the idleness. Moliets is also famous for its 18-hole golf course which offers a unique view of the ocean.

Go out in Moliets in the Landes

The resort of Moliets offers a wide choice of sports and leisure activities: surf schools, bicycle rental, mini-golf, golf 18 holes and tennis courts, tree climbing, paint ball and rental of quad. On the heritage side, do not miss to discover the typical village square and pelota basque pediment. Several fountains renowned for their benefits also dot the village: the fountain Saint-Orens and its wash, the source of Nane, and the fountain Notre-Dame, former place of pilgrimage. In the district of Maâ, the chapel built in the 12th century by the Knights Templar is the subject of free guided tours in summer. As for nature, the Moliets pond is a paradise for walkers and fishermen. It is bordered by a fitness trail with 12 workshops of different levels. The Nature Reserve of the current Huchet can be visited in the company of a nature guide. Appointments are at the reception cottage of the reserve, the bridge of Pichelèbe. The boatmen of the current of Huchet also make you visit the reserve, aboard barques 6 places: a pleasant outing in family!

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