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Discover Léon in the Landes

A traditional city with its half-timbered houses and its very attractive place decorated with plane trees in the center of the village. Léon is quoted very dynamic with its businesses, restaurants and big market every day between June 15th and September 15th. Cultural life is active all year long with a cinema, diverse and varied shows (theater, songs, humor…).

Concerning Ocean, the beach of The Lette Blanche is 5 km of the city center, you can take advantage in complete peace of the beach and the sun on a site having kept its natural aspect.

Concerning lake, Leon offers a beach fitted out for the bronzing, the bathing and the leisure activities with a playground for the children, the mini-golf, the tennis, the pedal boats, the sail, the fishing…

A big part of the lake is classified in natural zone with in particular the starting point of the current of Hu-chet which is going to throw itself into the Ocean to Moliets. The current of Huchet is nicknamed the Amazonia from the Landes for its fauna and its flora rich in diversity.

Léon is a city stage of Vélodyssée which connects ifracombe in England with Hendaye, that is 1400 km of cycle tracks.

Practical side, you will find all the businesses and the services which you need during your stay in the campsite 4 stars LANDES OCEANES.

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