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Visit Dax in the Landes

Visit the city of Dax during his holidays

Sub-prefecture of the Landes, Dax is a city known to the general public but which contains many secrets for those who never had the chance to go there.
When we evoke this city, we obviously think of the ferias that take place there every year around August 15th. It is during this long weekend that tourists and locals meet in a warm atmosphere that spreads throughout the city, changing it into a gigantic party venue in which the traditional bullfights take place. These last ones take place in the mythical Arenas of the city which date from 1913.
What is less known is that the city is a reference in terms of hot springs. Many hot springs are present with a fountain symbol whose temperature rises to 64 degrees.
There are also two historical hotels in Dax, each of which is highly representative of its time with the Splendid, built in 1929 in an art-deco style and typical of the “roaring twenties” and the hotel Saint-Martin d’Agès, remains older and classic that has hosted celebrities of his time as Anne of Austria. The latter dates from 1615 and is classified as a historical monument since 1983.
In addition to these buildings, witnesses of their times, Dax also has ramparts, vestiges of the Gallo-Roman era and dating from the fourth century. They are found on the Place des Salins and inside the Théodore Denis Park.
There are obviously museums, several parks and gardens in Dax, all to combine culture and relaxation during his stay.

The Hot Fountain

The Hot Fountain or Source of Nèhe. Symbol of the balneology of the city, this source owes its name to a Scandinavian goddess of waters. Its creation dates the XIXth century, and since pass by every day about 2 400 000 liters of water, springing outside ground in the temperature of 64 °.

fontaine chaude dax

The Splendid hotel

The Splendid hotel, inaugurated in 1929, shows of period Art deco, also called “roaring twenties ” period the “delusions of grandeur”.

L'hôtel splendid à Dax

The vestiges of the Gallo-Roman Ramparts

The vestiges of the Gallo-Roman Ramparts, built during IVth century, raise themselves still proudly in front of you on the Salines‘s place and inside the Park Théodore Denis.

Les remparts gallo romains à Dax

The Dax’s Arenas

The Dax’s Arenas, built in 1913. Every year near August 15th, arenas organize bullfights within the framework of the Parties of Dax.

arènes de dax

The Saint Martin d’Agès hotel

The Saint Martin d’Agès hotel. This old mansion, in gate and inner courtyard, will seduce you by the beauty of its architecture. Famous people such as Cardinal Mazarin and Anne of Austria stayed there.

tourism dax

Many more monuments, museums, parks and gardens wait for you to Dax, so that your stay is the richest and most cultural possible.

Meeting on the site of the Dax’s city, for further information.

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